In high school, I laughed at the ridiculous ways people asked their dates to prom. Dorky posters, flowers, “Prom?” spelled out in various objects, but I also never had a date to prom in high school. Maybe I was just bitter.

My friend/roommate and I attend weekly meetings at UNK for QSA, and we’re hosting a prom this April. I knew Sarah and I would go together, but I had no clue what was about to happen this Thursday when our President pulled up a video on YouTube at the end of our meeting.

Sarah made a dorky, adorable “promposal” video that also ends with me receiving a 24-pack of Diet Pepsi, which is always a win for me to be honest.

So, I now have a date to the prom, a few weeks worth of soda, and what I consider one of the greatest and funniest “promposals” I’ve ever. (I may be a little biased.)

I’m also now aware at what goes on at my house while I’m not there.

I know we’ve all seen some ridiculous “promposals.” People getting tattoos, spending way more money than necessary. But let’s be honest, if kept simple, I think that there’s no harm in having a little fun with it.

Here’s Vogue’s20 Cutest Promposals of 2017.”

Warning: This video contains evidence of my current plumbing problems, an inside joke you may not understand, an incompetent Alexa, a slightly underdressed roommate, and some swearing.


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