Standing in Solidarity

“We stand in solidarity with all women who have been exploited, abused, assaulted, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and it’s time now that the #MeToo movement, which is now part of our lives, moves forward. And we’re here in solidarity with all those women who need to know that their members of Congress get where they’re standing.” – Rep. Barbara Lee

According to an article posted by NDTV, in the audience of tonight’s State of the Union2083936_1 Address, many female Democrats chose to wear black as a signal of their support for the #MeToo movement, helping to raise awareness to combat sexual violence and misconduct.

Many congresswomen also chose to wear red pins in the honor of late Recy Taylor, a black women that, in 1944, was raped by six white men.

Several Republican women chose to show support for the military by wearing red, white, and blue.

As a big supporter of the #MeToo movement, the tiny paragraph describing the women’s attire to the State of the Union Address quickly caught my eye. Many Congresswomen spoke up about their choice to wear black.

“We’re wearing black. It’s not like being at a funeral, but it is burying all of those indiscretions.” – Rep. Joyce Beatty

Rape and sexual assault is a huge problem in our culture, and it’s really great to see support from people in high places, even if it is just a choice in dress. Especially today, where the State of the Union Address is given by a President who tweets before thinking of consequencesa President who has denounced women time and time again, a President with countless sexual assault allegations against him.

“We have #MeToo stories also, and today, with the State of the Union, a message from a president who has denigrated women, it is very important to affirm our solidarity with all women.” – Rep. Barbara Lee

I won’t pretend I watched the entire State of the Union Address. In fact, I only watched about the last thirty seconds when I got off work, and I then skimmed the transcript. But, to me, personally, this is an extremely important thing to be talking about. As the #MeToo movement continues, we need to hold people accountable for their actions. That includes the President as well.

We should place “patriotism before party” as Rep. Joyce Beatty says. Together, both men and women, republican and democrat, we need to confront the injustices that have been done and start moving forward.

To read more statements from congresswomen on why they chose to wear black to the State of the Union Address, click here.



3 thoughts on “Standing in Solidarity

  1. I appreciate that women are using their positions to make a statement, like at the Grammy’s, and the SOTU. It’s so important to bring up these topics, especially when we aren’t hearing anything from the president himself about such a prominent topic in our country.

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  2. I agree with Rachael it is incredibly important to be discussing this topic at the highest level. I’m sure because you weren’t able to see the entire speech you were careful not to make this claim, but I watched the speech and couldn’t find a reference to the movement. I also did a (very unscientific) textual analysis of the transcript, and it certainly wasn’t a major theme. What we don’t talk about is as important as what we do.

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